Following are a handful of internet projects in which I have held key roles variously as producer (online/digital/technical), project manager, information architect, strategist, system architect, or creative director.


Working with Enfatico, Dell's global creative agency, I lead production for online advertising campaigns for the Asia Pacific region, localised for Australia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore.
Roles: regional executive producer, creative producer, information architect


With Moon Communications Group, I produced a number of digital projects for Westpac, including the redesign of their website, launched in October 2009.
Roles: creative producer, digital account director
See: Westpac website


StarHub is Singapore's leading information, telecommunications and entertainment provider. With Three Drunk Monkeys I worked on redesign of StarHub's consumer website.
Roles: information architect, creative producer
See: StarHub website


During the time that I worked for Lowe + Rivet, I produced, architected and project managed various web projects for Foxtel (Australia's leading subscription television provider), including: redesign and redevelopment of foxtel.com.au; online advertising campaigns; infosite about high definition TV on Foxtel.
Roles: executive producer, project manager, information architect

Genesis Energy

Aimed at educating children about climate change, "Tree People" is a multi-award-winning website and campaign for Genesis Energy — a major supplier of energy in New Zealand. Kids can start their own tree and watch it grow as they make pledges to reduce their impact on the environment, such as taking showers instead of baths, starting a vegetable garden, or walking short distances instead of riding in the car.
Roles: executive producer, project manager
Awards: AWARD, AIMIA, John Caples, New York Festivals
See: Tree People website


Yahoo!7 Mail has a new smarter inbox to help users sort the good, the bland and the ugly. With Three Drunk Monkeys, I produced a Flash video campaign microsite to promote and explain the new features to users.
Roles: digital producer

Best Ads

International advertising website BestAds features a weekly line-up of the world's best advertising in TV, print, outdoor, radio and interactive. I lead the redesign of this popular site, introducing strategic improvements and enhancing the information achitecture.
Roles: executive producer, information architect
See: BestAds website

Stella Artois PSP

When Foster’s created a new sales team to concentrate on selling Stella Artois, they asked Lowe + Rivet to produce a sales presenter. We gave them 50 customised Sony PlayStation PSPs. I lead the design, production and implementation of PSP interface customisations, and content development.
Roles: executive producer
See: Stella Artois PSP blog post | Google Stella Artois PSP

Campaign Brief

Campaign Brief is Australia's most influential creative ad magazine. I lead the redesign of Campaign Brief's popular blog, migrating it to the Movable Type blogging platform.
Roles: executive producer
See: Campaign Brief blog

Stella Artois Screen

To promote the Brisbane screening of classic horror film The Shining for Stella Artois Screen, Lowe Hunt recreated the bar scene from the film. I produced a branded attendance booking microsite and associated email marketing for the event.
Roles: interactive producer
See: Stella Artois Gold Room website


DXM is a browser-based multilingual web content management system developed under the .NET framework with an XML content repository. I lead the DXM project from product conception through launch and marketing.
Roles: product development manager, system architect


Picmalion is a collaborative photoblogging web application developed in Coldfusion under the Fusebox 4 framework. Initiated in mid-2003, finally in beta early 2006, Picmalion incorporates Web 2.0 features such as an AJAX interface, tagging, RSS feeds and social network collaboration.
Roles: producer, user interface designer, database designer
See: Picmalion website


From 1998-2006 I delivered comprehensive design and development projects for this renowned fashion retailer's international websites, including global image sites, regional online stores (across Europe and the US), and online marketing.
Roles: creative director, strategic consultant, information architect
See: German online store | US online store